Monday, June 13, 2011

I heart the babies

I was so happy I was able to venture down to Morgan and see the little wee Thornock children that live in Washington State. I snapped a few pictures to show off their cuteness. I was going for the close-up artsy look but I'm not quite sure how good it turned out... but none the less they are adorable.

My in-laws had just come back from England and they brought back this knight outfit for Kayden... well as you can see he was a pretty big fan. We had quite a few sword fights with that sword. 

Tyler also enjoyed the sword fighting... as you can see. Unfortunately Mark and Janene didn't bring him back a knight outfit too... so he had to make a helmet out of what we had around the house (quite fashionable). 

We can't forget about little Morgan, it was so funny... when I tried to take close-up shots of her she would try to look around the camera as if I were hiding from her. I just LOVE these babies.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Turkish Delight

Guess what.... I am blogging before Christmas! Happy Day! haha So nothing is really new... you know other than I am living with my bestie Erin Kay instead of Mr. Walker. I did plant a garden and have a few crafty projects I'm working on but I will probably be posting those later... or never :) you'll have to stay tuned. BUT something that Me, Shawn, and Erin did before he left was get PEDICURES!

It was so great taking Shawn. He is quite the foot phobe, so watching him was quite entertaining. When we were leaving to go get them done he kept asking me if he should clean his feet again... and don't worry he cleaned out all the toe jams before he could enter the premises.

It was great...Erin would laugh when they were working on her, and Shawn would cringe.

The end result: an ultimate success! 

Monday, May 9, 2011

This Post should hold ya over until Christmas!!! ha ha :)

Ok, first of all we are so sorry! I didn't think people read this thing! So here are some updates on our lives! My dear little friend Jenn is getting married and I threw her a bridal shower on April 30th, I'm mostly showing the food pictures because it was just so darn cute.... and let's face it... my life pretty much revolves around food. :)

The Girls
(The lucky Bride is the one in the brown vest and white shirt)

Enough of the girly stuff...

 Did you know that my dear sweet husband will be interning at the White House this summer!? YES, the real one in Washington D.C. not to be confused with the White House dress shop on Main Street in Logan. :) :) He will be working in the office of correspondence. We are pretty excited. We knew you'd be dying to know every detail of what he is doing so Shawn has decided to create a blog especially for the event. Pretty sure the address is but I will also put the link on our blog. :) Shawn leaves on May 28th, and until he writes his first post here is a link that shows a little more of what Shawn will be doing this summer. Enjoy!

Next order of Business....

I officially graduated from Utah State University on Saturday. I was actually done in December but the whole commencement ceremony was the cherry on top.
 I'm so glad Shawn talked me into participating in all the festivities. I surprisingly enjoyed every minute of it.

The End :) 

Perhaps we will write again soon! :)

Friday, November 5, 2010

Happy Halloween!!!

Just in case you couldn't figure it out we were Mario and Peach for Halloween. It was a jolly day. Shawn built our karts with his BARE hands, and then we decorated! Amazing...I know.

This next picture I just think is funny. This was at the Walker residence. I find them quite humorous :)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Re-Vibe Fashion Show

I am in this class (Dress & Humanity) that for one of our assignments we had to make a garment from recycled materials.... Of course, the first thing that came to my mind was Coke cans. We have plenty of those lying around our house. Shawn is what you would call a 'sipper' he sips his Coke and somehow half full Coke cans end up in obscure corners of our house. Therefore I came up with a plan to create a dress from Coke cans.... soon after starting I realized I would never have enough cans for an entire dress. This is when digging in the recycle bins at the Taggart Student Center came in handy. We transformed ourselves into homeless people (slightly embarrassing). <-- That is Step 1

ANYWHO- here are the pictures of the birth of my dear little dress

Step 2- Wash the cans

Step 3- Cut the cans 


Step 4- Attach the cut pieces to the dress

Finally! A dress! HA- This was during the 2nd fitting process... somehow when I attached the final cans on top it shrunk a little... oops! haha As Erin was squeezing into it she said it was like coming out of the birth canal.... haha 

VICTORY! She made it in!

Erin rockin' the runway

These were my other favorites

That white dress in the middle was made out of coffee filters- SO amazing, and the one to the right was made out of paper plates and lunch sacks. People are just so creative.

Anywho, the fashion show was great, and we all lived happily ever after

Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Car Show

So every year they have a 'Cruise-In' car show which is ridiculously amazing. Working at Riverwoods Conference Center I got an early taste of it. They kicked off their annual show and cruise with a old-fashioned dance called a cob stomp or a cob something... I don't really remember :) But all these people dressed up like in the 50's, it was really quite amazing. Anywho, we had a jolly good time walking around the fair ground looking at a few of the 700 restored cars.

Does this truck not remind you of a sleeping dog?!

The Bat Mobile! This car so SOOO nice, inside it had a GPS system installed and there were no handles on the outside of it anywhere (we think there is a remote control opener somewhere to open the doors but we really don't know)

Somehow I enjoy taking pictures of parts of cars instead of them as a whole :)

This String Ray was Shawn's favorite... as for my favorite...

Is this not the cutest little car you have ever seen? This little baby was the first Mazda to come over to America from Japan. 

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Our MAN Garden!

So we have decided that this summer we want to have a garden, unfortunately since we have a tiny backyard that is surrounded by huge trees we didn't have enough sunshine to make our plants grow. There happens to be a spot at the top of our driveway that we 'built' a garden on. My handy husband whipped this up in a few hours.

Stage 1

Stage 2

It's a garden!!

After getting to this point Shawn declared that this was 'a man's garden'.... meaning that NO flowers were to be planted in this garden. So funny....he's such a manly gardener :)

We have started planting seeds in our house to transplant into our lovely garden, they are our babies! As you can see they were starting to take over the world, so....

We upgraded tables, how quaint.